Songwriting Lessons

In addition to the usual production, recording, mixing, etc. offered here at The Queens English, Mark will now be offering personal, one-on-one, songwriting instruction to anyone interested in learning how to start writing their own songs. Lessons will be offered via Skype and will be sourced from Mark's 30+ years writing songs and writing about songs for such publications as Guitar World, SonicScoop and Songwriter’s Market. The curriculum is designed to lay out the basics and quickly jump-start your writing.

While the course leans toward the beginner side of things and is ideal for both children and adults alike, it can also certainly be of help to anyone wanting to polish their already developed songwriting skills while receiving some one-on-one, song mentoring in the process.

Some basic information on the program can be found below. If you would like to learn more, contact Mark directly via email and he'll be happy to send you the course outline. Any questions, just message Mark as well.


The Art and Craft of Songwriting

To explore the art and joy of popular songwriting and to teach the basics of song craft via one-on-one, easily digestible, interactive lessons designed to educate, spark creativity, inspire and give students the technical foundation to quickly begin writing their own songs or polish their already developed writing skills.

Ages 11 and up.

Intermediate level proficiency on guitar or piano (ability to comfortably play basic chord progressions) required. Intermediate level proficiency on bass also eligible.

Beginner to advanced students welcome (coursework will be adjusted according to students' existing knowledge and skill level).

Some homework/prep work will be assigned (lesson dependent).

24 basic lessons, followed by ongoing, advanced instruction.

30 min, weekly lesson. $35 per lesson.

About the Instructor

Mark Bacino is a NYC based singer-songwriter and producer with over 30 years experience writing songs. He has worked with Grammy-nominated and platinum-selling songwriters and has multiple album releases to his credit as an artist in both the US and Japan.

Mark is also owner of The Queens English Recording Co., a boutique studio-music production house where he produces fellow artists and composes for TV/advertising.

When not making music, Mark can be found writing about it as an ongoing contributor to such publications as Guitar World, SonicScoop and Songwriter’s Market.

Mark at Guitar World
Mark at SonicScoop
Mark at Songwriter’s Market